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    Twenty-twenty guides and awards

    Twenty-twenty awards and guides

    Despite the global emergency situation the 2020’s gave us a few satisfactions. Our wines met positive judgment by many critics and experts and have been reviewed in the major wine guides. Let’s see together our results:

    5 STAR WINES 2020

    5StarWines – the Book is the annual wine selection event organized by VeronaFiere. Held just before the world’s largest international wine fair, Vinitaly.

    The bottles reaching the minimum score of 90/100 are published on the guide. In the 2020 “Agile” edition, 847 wines have been selected among over 2,000 samples. 701 wines were selected for 5StarWines, 146 for Wine Without Walls.

    ERCOLE 2017Nero Buono – 90/100 pts

    ENYO 2018Bellone – 88/100 pts

    KORA 2016Nero Buono – 87/100 pts

    CASTORE 2019Bellone – 87/100 pts

    DECANTER 2020

    The Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) is the world’s largest and most influential wine competition. Judged by the top wine experts from around the globe, the DWWA is trusted internationally for its rigorous judging process.

    ERCOLE 2017Nero Buono – Silver – 91/100 pts

    POLLUCE 2018Nero Buono – Bronze – 89/100 pts

    CASTORE 2019Bellone – Bronze – 89/100 pts


    ViniBuoni d’Italia is the only guide in the world dedicated to wines produced from native grapes. The 2020 edition is richer than usual, with 1884 selected companies, and includes only wines that have obtained a minimum score of 3 out of 4 stars.

    ILLIRIO 2019Cori Bianco DOC – 4 stars

    ENYO 2018Bellone – 4 stars

    KORA 2016Nero Buono – 4 stars

    CASTORE 2019Bellone – 3 stars

    ERCOLE 2017Nero Buono – 3 stars


    In the new edition of Vitae 2021 Wine Guide, signed by AIS (Italian Sommelier Association), 2014 companies have been reviewed. 694 wines received the four vine shoot, the highest score.

    KORA 2016Nero Buono – 4 vine shoots

    ERCOLE 2017Nero Buono – 3 vine shoots

    ENYO 2018Bellone – 3 vine shoots

    ARCATURA 2018Cesanese – 3 vine shoots

    CASTORE 2019Bellone – 3 vine shoots

    RAVEROSSE 2017Cori Rosso DOC – 2 vine shoots

    KORÌ BRUT 2016Metodo Classico di Bellone – 2 vine shoots

    KORÌ PAS DOSÈ 2016Metodo Classico di Bellone – 2 vine shoots

    BIBENDA 2021

    In the twenty-third edition of the guide created by FIS (Italian Sommelier Foundation) there are 2131 companies and about 20 thousand wines reviewed.

    ERCOLE 2017Nero Buono – 4 grapes

    KORA 2016Nero Buono – 4 grapes

    RAVEROSSE 2017Cori Rosso DOC – 4 grapes

    ENYO 2018Bellone – 4 grapes

    PANTALEO 2019Greco – 4 grapes

    CASTORE 2019Bellone – 3 grapes

    POLLUCE 2018Nero Buono – 3 grapes

    PUNTINATA 2019Malvasia Puntinata – 3 grapes

    KORÌ BRUT 2016Metodo Classico di Bellone – 3 grapes

    ILLIRIO 2019Cori Bianco DOC – 3 grapes

    KORÌ PAS DOSÈ 2016Metodo Classico di Bellone – 3 grapes


    Italian Wines 2021 reviews 2,645 wineries and more than 24,500 wines, awarding the classic scores ranging from 0 to 3 Glasses according to the quality of the label. 467 wines received the experts’ highest rating this year. This is a fundamental and essential volume for all those who work in the sector or are interested in quality Italian wines.

    KORÌ BRUT 2016Metodo Classico di Bellone – 2 red glasses

    CASTORE 2019Bellone – 2 glasses

    ILLIRIO 2019Cori Bianco DOC – 2 glasses

    KORÌ PAS DOSÈ 2016Metodo Classico di Bellone – 2 glasses

    ARCATURA 2018Cesanese – 1 glass

    ERCOLE 2017Nero Buono – 1 glass

    PANTALEO 2019Greco – 1 glass

    POLLUCE 2018Nero Buono – 1 glass