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    Raverosse is the name of a vineyard in Cori set on spurs of red limestone that connect the highlands of the Lepini Mountains to the volcanic hills of the countryside around Cori. The heat absorbed by these rocks during the day is slowly released to the vineyards during the night, resulting in premium grapes. The ruby red wine is well orchestrated, with hints of ripe berries.
    Classification: Cori Doc Rosso
    Type of wine: red
    Grape varieties: 50 % Nero buono di Cori – 30 % Montepulciano – 20 % Cesanese
    Alcohol content: 13 % 

    Colour: Ruby red colour with purple highlights
    Bouquet: Intense nose
    Taste: dry, harmonic palate with elegant persistence
    Pairings: Suitable to be paired throughout the meal, excellent with soups, meat and dishes with a strong taste
    Serving temperature: 16-18°C
    Preservation: Store in a cool, dry place
    Consumption: best to be tasted after 2–4 years after its vintage

    Located: Raverosse hill 
    Altitude: 150-200
    Soil: Volcanic-clayey
    Training Systems: Rows
    Yield per hectare: 80-90 q
    Harvest period: 25th Septembre - 10th October

    Perfect with soups and meat.
    Featured in our tasting menu with:
    Fillet of pork with a potato crust and glazed mandarin
    Fillet of pork, pancetta, and cream of spinach