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    Dioscuri solo Itrana – this olive oil encloses in itself its origins; named after the mythological Castor and Pollux whose temple enriches the archaeological heritage of Cori. Obtained only from the Itrana cultivar, an excellence of our territory.
    Olive: 100%  Itrana cultivar
    Fruity, intense oil with a neat green colour and golden highlights; on the nose it offers notes of freshly cut grass and tomato; on the palate it shows the right balance between bitterness and spiciness in harmony with the scents perceived on the nose; to be used uncooked.
    Located on the lavic hills of the Cori territory at an altitude of 250-300 metres above sea level; soil is partly volcanic, partly calcareous-clayey; vase training system with circa 200 plants per hectare; hand picking between 25th October and 10th November; yield per hectare is 4-5 tons
    Olives are milled daily and pressed within 24 hours from their gathering; continuous, modern press, using the highest technology; oil yield is 10-14%
    Size available: Bottle 0,05L - Bag in Box 3L